Monday, August 20, 2012

Countdown to the Bothie

Took some boxes to the new house today. So exciting to know that in two weeks' time we will be there, probably mostly unpacked and ready to  make that place our home. The views out of the windows alone are worth the rent. It is going to be wonderful waking and sleeping to the sound of the waters of the Minch rolling in in the guise of Loch Ewe. The sound of sheep bahhing in the field next door and the sounds of the myriad birds flying overhead. It is going to be terrific.  And it is long overdue.

We met our dear friend Lizzii and her husband Steve for lunch today at the Sheiling. We had the best time. Lizzii has been living up for here for two years but has decided to return to her native Cumbria (Kendal in the Lake District no less) and then visit from time to time. She found our new house for us, so I have proclaimed her the godmother of the house and so must come visit frequently. We met Lizzii at an important time and she was a gift to us.

If you go back to the beginning of this blog you know that the last two years have been - well - interesting. But the whole time, we put our faith in fate and karma and hoped that we would be shown the path we needed to follow. From Fife we moved to the old mill here in Milton and, as we began to take part in community markets, things fell into place. We made wonderful new friends and found a way of life that was pleasing to us. With Chris doing all the physical work, we would go where I would set up and display and sell my jewellery. After a month or two, I convinced Chris that his talent had to be seen as well ( and he joined me and has enjoyed the buzz of chatting with folks, hearing their compliments and then having them buy a piece. It is so exciting. But we were finding that our friends and most of our business lay in Wester-Ross near Gairloch and Aultbea.  When we were presented with a heating bill for this place (archaic night storage heat), a bill that should have been enough for a full year, we knew the path was being made for us. We told Lizzii of our plans and she called with a name and number of a house that was available for rent. I called, we saw, we put down the deposit.  Just such a wonderful place and a terrific landlord from Lancashire and then Yorkshire - he reminds me of an older version of Adam Pontipee from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." He is busy repainting and cleaning our new home. Our dearest wish is to be able to find a way to buy it.

So, off we will go, heading ever more north and west (one friend asked how much farther north we could go - well, John O Groats is about 90 miles away).  We are trading our home in the mill near the Cromarty Firth for the bungalow overlooking Loch Ewe. Paint us happy!

The next 12 days will be all about packing and getting ready for the move. There are things we need to buy still, but we will get there. I talked to Tony (our new landlord) today about giving the kitchen a bit of a facelift (our expense, of course) and he knows someone who could do the work, so we shall see when that happens. Our work tables will be right against the large window in the dining room so we can work with the Torridon hills in the distance and the shores of the loch just down past the smokehouse (smells divine).

For all the heartache we have endured, both familial and personal, all the roads have led us to where we are and where we should be.  I have no photos to accompany this entry. If I did have a photo it would be of two people smiling very broadly. We are going home, at last and for ever.