Thursday, July 11, 2013

Been so very busy...

It has taken its own sweet time, but appears that summer has arrived in Wester Ross. Granted, it took until July 8 to show itself in full sunshine and warmth, but it did arrive. I hope it will stay a while. It would be nice to feel the sun's warm rays for more than a day here and there. But, no matter the weather here, I will never miss the heat and humidity of Virginia in the summertime. I may complain, from time to time, about the rain or grey skies, but at least I never feel as if I am going to melt, quite literally, into a pool of clammy goo. So many summers of my adult years were spent in the Washington, DC suburbs. Now those were HOT!

I've had the great fun over the last month or so of recording my very own radio programme for the local radio station - Two Lochs Radio. I did an interview with them back in late January and when I finished the gentleman who interviewed me asked if I would be interested in doing a programme. I jumped at the chance. Truth be told, I always wanted to try radio.  I've recorded five installments now of the 13-part programme. The first installment was broadcast this past weekend and I was really happy with the result. You never know, as you sit in the recording room with microphones and sliding controls, how it will all sound in the end. There is some post-recording editing to make sure the episode fits in its 58-minute time slot, and I'm sure there were some er's and um's to edit out. But the final product was fun. For the first time it was played, I was joined on Facebook by my dear friend, Melissa. Melissa and I went to high school together (at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro, Virginia) and she remarked that it had been nearly 40 years since she had heard my voice - and indeed it had. It was lovely getting her instant feedback as each record played. It was such fun and I can't thank her enough for 'holding my hand' as the first show hit the airwaves.

I will be recording eight more episodes - each episode represents a year, with the series starting in 1964. Not only have I enjoyed the actual recording, I have enjoyed listening to the music again and looking up fun facts and news items for each month of each year. And it's fun to reminisce - music has an incredible ability to transport you back in time to the place you were and feeling you got the first time you heard the song. I know that is what happens to me.

Caroline and Catherine have been up to visit a few times recently and we are looking forward to them visiting us for Catherine's birthday. Catherine has requested a chocolate cake with green frosting and Minnie Mouse decorations. I've asked local baker extrordinaire, Susan Kirkness, to do the deed and will be picking up said chocolate cake with green frosting the day before Catherine's birthday!

My business is going well and I'm thrilled to announce that Ailleas Designs will be appearing in a photo shoot/editorial spotlighting jewellery designers in the highlands and islands. The photos will appear in Highland Life magazine the first part of August. I will most certainly share some of the photographs here once they are made available to me. To say the least, I am terribly pleased with this development. Whilst I have scored space in some fabulous titles - Tatler, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue - this is the first editorial content I've been able to gain. I hope it won't be the last. My jewellery is selling really well from Duncan House on Skye and I'm thrilled to be associated with Garth, Deborah, their assistant, Abigail and the gallery itself. Garth is such a seriously talented silversmith/goldsmith and I was just so tickled to be offered some space there. They are good people, that's for sure.

All in all, things are going well. I must report that I have been measured for a wheelchair because the arthritis is progressing to that point, but I won't let it get me down. Most days are difficult because of the pain and walking is becoming more and more impossible. But, with everything else going so well, I feel it is a small price to pay.

(I do apologise for the lack of photographs...I promise to remedy that.  Chris and I are going out on little drives more often now. I will remember to take my camera so I can get some lovely shots to include here. )