Tuesday, August 12, 2014

News and rain...

It's been several months since my last post. I've been incredibly busy and preoccupied with my business. I made the decision to make a major investment in the business by having a new website built professionally and having the photography done professionally. The site went live a week ago today and I am so very pleased with it. Still appear on page one in the first position for some of my key words so that's good. Today I added Google Analytics so I can see where visitors are going on the site and how long they stay. I have every hope that this will prove even more successful than my old site. I am off to the GALE Centre this weekend for my monthly 'set up shop', so looking forward to setting up there with my bronze and copper jewellery only. I made the decision to just show the sterling silver and gemstone jewellery at up-market events. The cost of the jewellery really precludes my displaying it at most venues. I will, however, still be taking part in Exclusively Highlands events and showing the Ailleas Designs jewellery. My big push for 2015 will be securing more stockists around the UK and, hopefully, further afield. I am going to be showing at the Scotland Spring Trade Show in Glasgow in January. Really looking forward to that. My arthritis is making it increasingly difficult to get around, so being able to create jewellery and then send it off to stockists is going to be the way forward. Looking forward to putting together an amazing display for the show.

The Highlands experienced some incredible weather yesterday as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha moved north from England and Wales. At one point yesterday, all the roads between here and Inverness were closed due to flooding and landslips. I understand that there are still roads in the area that would best be approached only in a 4X4. Last night, we noticed water cascading down the hills on the far side of the loch. But then, rain is what we do up here. As comedian Danny Bhoy says in one of my favourite bits, the message of Noah would have been lost in Scotland. (For a giggle, link below for this bit and more. Danny Bhoy is one of my favorite comedians at the moment.)

Today the rain has subsided a bit and we hope that the roads will clear soon so life can return to normal. Not much more to report. Life is calm and happy here and I welcome each day to see what it will bring. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring sunshine.