Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How could we forget?

With all the medical stuff going on and losing my uncle just after the first of the year, Chris and I omitted some very good news! (Yes, hard to believe, but we do have good news.)

So, without any further ado, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. World, please say hello to Gracie! Gracie is a beautiful grey and cream British shorthair. We picked her out right after she was born on October 1. She was one of four girls - another cream and grey, one buff, and one black calico. She arrived with us on December 30 and we adore her. She has been quite a tonic for us both.

I had no way of knowing, when we picked her out, that her colouring would be so similar to that of my cat Demelza, who I loved very dearly and who was my first 'grown up' cat (i.e., she was my cat, but not my parents' cat, if that makes sense). And Gracie has the same sort of personality - very loving, very loyal, and very much full of mischief. She is nearly 5 months old now and we feel as if she has been part of our lives for a very long time.

Like so many cats, Gracie is very empathic and knows when we are sad or hurting. She comforted me when Uncle Gil died and she is often close to Chris when he is suffering from his post-chemo malaise. We can't imagine life without her now.  She has her very own pillow on our bed (between us) and has her very own bathroom - the en suite that is connected to the office. She loves to play with her little stuffed bird and her laser pointer, sent to her by her Auntie Mel (along with a beautiful handmade cat bed and other toys and goodies). She has corresponded with Auntie Mel's cat Duncan and has even posted a couple of statuses on Facebook (not that I can read them, I believe they are written in encrypted cat language). The consensus is that she should have her own Facebook page. However, she doesn't get up to nearly enough adventures to warrant her own page, so, for now, she will continue to post on my page when she is able to climb on the keyboard to type out her enigmatic messages.

She's a joy and we love her very much. Beautiful Gracie. As Auntie Mel said, her name is indicative of the fact that her being with us is not an accident. She was sent to us to help us through this difficult time...and she does.

We love her one cream-coloured foot - the other three are grey.