Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hope springs eternal...

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the return of sunlight, green leaves, and longer days aid in feeling more positive about life. I am almost glad that most of Chris's chemo has taken place during the winter months - it means that as new life begins in the spring, both he and I will be starting afresh. The chemo has been very difficult. In fact, the session due to take place today was pushed back a week because he has been feeling so unwell - loss of weight that is too rapid, poor results from his bloodwork, and a tongue ulcer that won't heal. But, it may be, because he has had such a difficult time of late, it may be that they will be happy for him to have just six sessions rather than eight, which means that next week's session will be his last. Hallelujah!

And, indeed, we are being treated to lovelier and longer days. My annual bout of hay fever tells me that the green leaves I see emerging on the trees and the spring flowers blooming are a reality and not simply a wished-for dream. But, we have had some unseasonable weather. Just a couple of days ago, we had snow and low temperatures. While it was not that pleasant on those days, those late snowstorms and drop in temperature may mean that the midge population will be much lower this summer. Of course, Chris may well be no longer the tasty morsel he was to these horrid little bugs in the past. The chemo may change his chemical makeup enough to keep that at bay. Along with (hopefully) killing all the cancer cells, this could be an added little bonus. Time will tell.

Time is moving along as we get closer and closer to the date of Callie and Stuart's wedding. While it is still a little over 5 months away, we are in the more doing than planning stage. I have all the materials I need to do the invitations, and I will start on those next week after my studio has been completely reorganised (more about that later). Callie and company will be here for the weekend in mid-June and I will then pass the invitations along to her so that she can get them in the mail. We've made our hotel reservations for the the two nights in Edinburgh and shortly I will be settling with the hotel that will be hosting the reception. It is going to be a very intimate affair, but elegant and fun and loving. I can't wait. Her measurements have gone off to the dressmaker who is making her dress and I've met with my dressmaker who is going to create a beautiful mother-of-the-bride dress for me. I've already bought and received a stunning hand-painted silk stole to go with the dress and will soon have to start looking for shoes (and they can be impractical if I wish, as I will be in my wheelchair all day). We are looking forward to meeting those members of Stuart's family who are coming over from Australia for the wedding and I know Catherine is looking forward to Stuart being an official member of her family.

We are hoping that Chris might feel well enough by the summer to allow Catherine to come spend some time with us. She is, as I suspected she might be, a very creative, artistic person. And since her mother isn't (and happily acknowledged as such), it means that Chris and I must provide Catherine with artistic guidance. If we are able to have her, she will spend her time doing photography, painting, and drawing. I may even start showing her how to create jewellery. It is my hope and desire that she is able to pick up the business when I am no longer able to do it myself.

For my business, the studio is being reorganised because I am starting a whole new collection. I was lucky enough to take part in a day-long silversmithing class the first part of April and it gave me the skills I need in order to move forward with my business. I will be adding all sorts of techniques to my repertoire and I'm now registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office. So, from this point on, my jewellery will bear the hallmark that no only shows the work to be mine, but will show the integrity of the materials used. How exciting.

Chris's two children are coming to visit in July, which will be lovely. Their last visit was very short, so this time we can show them more of the beauty of the area. It will be great to have them here for more than a day or two.

We've emerged from the winter both literally and emotionally. Things will improve and life will become full and happy again.